*Prices depend on specific breed and requests

Prices do not include sales tax


Go Ahead & Pamper Your Pooch

At Guida's Grooming I take a lot of care and pride in the service I provide. I know how much people love their pets, that is why I serve only one pet or family at a time.

 I am the only groomer, so please be available to pick up your pup within the given timeframe. I do not provide pet sitting services and can not keep them longer than needed due to scheduling. I will work with you to provide an appointment that best fits your needs.

I only provide services for dogs. Being the only groomer, it makes it difficult to work with some felines. In my past experiences, it has taken two people (at times) to work with a cat. It's for the safety of your pet. I'm hoping this will change in the future!

In addition, I also assist with transportation. I will pick up and drop off your pet from home for a small transportation fee.

    Full Services Include :
      Bath          Blow Dry         Removal of Undercoat            Dematting     
  Trim or Shave Down                Ear Cleaning                Nail Clipping & Filing
Also offering free meet and greets!
I am available Monday - Friday and Weekends as well
My hours are extremely flexible
I will work around YOUR schedule!

*Fees vary by location

Price List
  • Small Dogs     ( under 20 Lbs ) ...    $30 - $40
  • Medium Dogs   ( 20 - 50 Lbs ) ...   $40 - $50
  • Large Dogs     ( 50+ Lbs ) ...           $50 - $120
  • Nail Clipping Only...                                           $8
  • Grooming Transportation Fee...       $10 - $20